Anniversary Fund

Easy and Low Cost Anniversary Fund

Plumfund allows friends and family to pool funds for that special couple celebrating a big anniversary! A Plumfund is a great idea for 10th, 20th, even 50th anniversaries! Send the couple on a special anniversary trip or throw an unexpected party.

It's simple: create a Plumfund, spread the word, and start receiving gifts. Raise money for a unique anniversary gift free of charge with offline payments, or at a very low cost with online payments.

Raise funds for:

  • Theatre tickets
  • Weekend getaway
  • Car service
  • Fine dining
  • Airline tickets
  • And more!

Recent Plumfunds

Fast and Easy Fundraising

Plumfund's simplified online fundraising platform has made fundraising for an anniversary fund easier and more convenient than ever. Simply create a Plumfund campaign, spread the word to your friends and family, and watch your anniversary fund succeed! All of the money your campaign collects is easily accessed through PayPal or through a personal account. All of your personal information is kept private and safe, and is never sold or rented to a third party. And, because we want to make giving and receiving feel GREAT, Plumfund offers 100% free options and the lowest 3rd-party transaction fees.

How it works

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    Create your Plumfund free of charge

    We believe no one should pay a fee to give and receive online, so we offer our service 100% free of charge.

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    Share with our easy-to-use tools

    Plumfund was created by and for real people. Started by the founders of Honeyfund, the #1 online wedding registry with more than 14 years experience making giving feel good.

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    Receive offline or online payments

    Plumfund’s long-standing partnership with PayPal means you pay just 2.59% + $0.49* (*PayPal’s fee of 2.59% + $0.49 applies to most credit/debit payments. Other rates apply)!

Once you've set up your campaign, you can decide how you want to receive funds from your contributors. Choose PayPal to power credit and debit card payments for a small 3rd-party processing fee of just 2.59% + $0.49 (US)* (*PayPal's fee of 2.59% + $0.49 applies to most credit/debit card payments. Other rates may apply).

There's no easier way to raise money for an special anniversary couple than Plumfund's online fundraising tools. Give friends and family the opportunity to contribute to the anniversary fund by providing them with a simple way to donate money online. Giving feels good, and a Plumfund campaign can make it even better.

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